Sunday, October 05, 2014

Goals for Week 40 - 10-05-14

  • Take pictures - Westfield center, also of Amelia Park if open
  • Post office
  • Return Books
  • New fall term begins Sunday 10-05 (I'm still behind - working to catch up) (School begins on the 20th
  • Sukkot begins - day 1 sunset on Wednesday
  • Sukkot - day 2 sunset on Thursday 
  • Yom Kippur on Saturday (begins Friday at sunset)
  • 3 meals a day
  • 3 snacks (part of each meal) - and mention
HOUSE - springtime decluttering - and freecycling
  • PAPERWORK - a mountain of it! work on at least a half hour a day
    • S
    • M
    • T
    • W
    • R
    • Sa
    • 1 hour - Sorting
    • 1 hour - Things to Do file
    • 1 hour - Filing
    • 1 hour - Bills
  • ZONE 1 - 
    • Side Porch
      • WHB
    • Back Stairs
      • WHB
    • Front Stairs
      • WHB
    • 2nd floor landing
      • WHB
    • Front porch
      • WHB
  • ZONE 2 - 
    • Kitchen
      • Zone
      • WHB on Fri - 
    • Dining Area
      • Zone 
      • WHB
    • ZONE 3 
      • Zone

        • We are in the kitchen this week!
          Take 15 minutes and scrub your stove top!  Soak the knobs and drip pans in hot soapy water while you clean the stove top.  Some elbow grease and hot soapy water will take care of a lot!  Don't become a perfectionist and try to get it as clean as the day it was new.  Just do the best you can and then scrub the drip pans and knobs.  Don't scrub the knobs so hard that the numbers and words scrub off!
          Anything that you do will be better than what it was!
          Every once in awhile I get an email from a member with a mission suggestion.  I received this one and thought it was great!  

          So here is your mission from a member for the kitchen today:
          I was in the kitchen the other day putting away the silverware and noticed how gross the silverware holder had become!  Also, the area around the holder was filled with little bits of nothing..elastics, paperclips, ketchup packets!  A total mess, in other words.  I had the thought that it would be great to have a mission for this as I'm
          sure there are plenty of FlyBabies just like me who don't think about it!
          Today is Anti-Procrastination Day and we are still in the kitchen,
          Your mission for today is to grab a trash bag and clean out your refrigerator.  You are to toss ANYTHING that will not get eaten any time soon.  This means that new salad dressing you decided to try but really don't like.  It is time to let it go.  Just as the rule applies to the rest of the house.  If you don't love or use it, lose it!  Get rid of the fruit that is a few days beyond when it was really edible, get rid of the veggies that are turning into a science project.  Check the dates on the cheeses that are potential science project.
          You will be able to really make a better grocery list when your fridge is cleaned out of all the items you don't like and or don't use!

          Your Mission for today should you choose to accept it is to declutter your plastic wraps and foil drawers, cabinets or shelves.  We all have a spot that we keep these items and there is always one empty box in there and some lone baggies that are trying to escape.  Toss the empty boxes, the rolls of plastic wraps that are too stuck together to work, and those strays that you are not sure if you should use them or not.
          This is quick and easy!  Have Fun!

        • Today is our last day in the kitchen and I want you to spend 5 minutes and check on the cleaning supplies and things under your sink?  Are there things that you don't use?  Are there items you have run out of and need to put on your list?  Now, what is up with your dish rags and sponges? If you need new ones, put them on the list too.

          Enjoy your weekend!
      • Bath
        • WHB on Fri
      • Laundry Room
        • WHB on Fri
      • Sewing Room
        • WHB on Fri
    • ZONE 4 
      • BR - 
        • WHB on Fri
    • ZONE 5 
      • Study 
        • WHB on Fri
      • LR - 
        • WHB 
    GARDEN - 
    • Make plans for renovating side garden
    • Harvest
      • Greens
      • Finish Digging potatoes
    STUDIES - 
    • EXERCISE - week 5 (increase times and add a routine - date/3 + R)
      • Garden
      • Yoga A wk 5 (date/3 +1)
        • 10/07
        • 10/10
      • Yoga B wk 5  (date/3 +2)
        • 10/05
        • 10/08
        • 10/11
      • Yoga C (date/3 + 0)
        • 10/06
        • 10/09
        • 10/12
        • SOUPS 
          • lima bean soup
          • Chili 
        • BREAD
          • whole wheat bread
          • Challah
        • MAIN DISHES
        • DESSERTS and SALADS
        QUILT  (Depending on what I finish today - I may add other projects!)
        • STASH REPORT (Sunday)
        • DESIGN WALL (Monday)
        • BONNIE H. ARCHIVE NIGHT (Tues)
        • SLICE AND DICE NIGHT (Wednesday) - 1 bag scraps (only 4 bags left!)
        • FINISHINGS - Bindings, movies, spiced tea, hot cider or hot chocolate (Thursday)
        • BINDING
        • QUILTING  - as many as possible!
          • Halloween hanging (FINISH!)
          • Halloween table runner (FINISH!)
          • Hopefully above will be finished early Sunday.  THEN see below for items to be quilted!
        • Weekday PIECE
          • LE - Jamestown Landing - String  blocks 
          • Piecing
            • Sampler blocks - and send
            • Buckeye Beauty - borders then quilt
            • Slippers - make lining, re-sandwich and quilt (lines)
            • Mondo bag - make lining, then sandwich and quilt (grid)
            • Irish Double Chain quilt - next step (FINISH)
            • Arizona Skies - work on pieced border
        • BOM -
          • Mystery - Tell it to the Stars (I have a LOT to catch up on!) - block 5 (print out new block, etc.)
        • SEWING
          • Sew all 3 blouses
          • Next Friday - pin and cut out skirts/slacks.  Sew up.
        • SEW ALONG (with Wendy or others)
          • Half Yard Challenge

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