Thursday, October 16, 2014

Which Is Better???

First of all - there IS a dark purple inner border and the binding will also be the same dark purple. The problem(s) arise starting with the next border.  I probably will keep the next border with the roses (I found more fabric tucked away in my stash!).  
These are some of the possible combinations I found - and, honestly, I'm on the fence!  Let me know which you think will be best.  I can't guarantee I will choose that one - but I will certainly take it under strong consideration.
As for WHAT this quilt will be - that's a difficult question.  I could turn it into a baby quilt, a table topper, or  use as a wall-hanging - and it probably will be either the baby quilt (I've made 4 or 5 already!) or table topper. 

1. Two (2) borders - the dark purple and the floral with a dark purple binding.  I like this BUT it is (a) too dark - maybe, (b) tends to emphasize more the pink in the roses.  Maybe.

2. Four (4) borders - dark purple, followed by two florals with a thin strip (1 inch wide?) to break the expanse.  Dark purple binding.  This I think is sweet - BUT I think it could use more.... something..... maybe.
3. Four (4) borders - like the above EXCEPT the yellow strip is now at probably 1.5-2 inches.  I'm not sure but I think I like the narrower yellow border more.

4.  Like the above - except the 2nd innermost border has square in a square - or Seminole-type strips.  Could be dark purple flying geese though! but the Square in a square copies the same feeling as the purple quilt square.  Also the dark purple IS directional - can give feeling of movement if I remember to do it right!  I do like this one a lot!

5.  Like the above - except that now the squares are a variety of yellows.  My biggest problem with this is that the yellow squres tend to fade out and I think maybe detract rather than add.

6.  Ok - now the 2 strips of floral are together with the innermost strip really being part of the square in a square.  I like this  better than #5.  

7. This one bothers me - it is almost like starting a new pattern AGAIN and that isn't sitting particularly well with me (although Button kitty seems quite happy!)

8.  Probably should have shown one with the dark squares ONLY which I think I would like better than the combination.

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