Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday - and the middle of the week DOES roll around... eventually! 10-15-14

  • Post office
  • Return Books
  • 3 meals a day
  • 3 snacks (part of each meal) - and mention
HOUSE - springtime decluttering - and freecycling
  • PAPERWORK - a mountain of it! work on at least a half hour a day
    • W
    • 1 hour - Sorting
    • 1 hour - Filing
  • ZONE 3 
    • Zone
      • Zone 3: Mission #3 Wednesday 

        Dear Friends:

        It is Anti-procrastination Day! It is time to take a look into the medicine cabinets and toss the empty bottles and boxes that are taking up space. While you are doing this also take a look at the expiration dates on the medicines that are there. If you have some that need to be gotten rid of take care of that as well. Grab adamp rag and wipe down the shelves. Don't take everything out, just lift, wipe and put back.

        Your Mission for the Stash and Dash space is to spend 5 minutesputting away the things that have a home, you know where they go but you tossed the in a pile while stashing and dashing because someone was coming over. The Stash and Dash spaces are just piles of procrastination.

    • Bath
      • Zone
    • Laundry Room
      • Zone
    • Sewing Room
      • Zone
  • Make plans for renovating side garden and timetable
  • EXERCISE - week 5 (increase times and add a routine - date/3 + R)
    • Garden - finish it out except for coles
    • Yoga C (date/3 + 0)
      • 10/15
      B:Poached eggs with cracked black pepper on buttered toast
      L:PBJ sandwich.
      D:felafel in pita

      • SOUPS 
        • potato-cheese-broccoli soup
      • BREAD
        • whole wheat bread
        • Pita bread
        • felafel
        • Baked apples
      QUILT  (Depending on what I finish today - I may add other projects!)
      • SLICE AND DICE NIGHT (Wednesday) - 1 bag scraps (only 4 bags left!)
      • QUILTING  - as many as possible!
        • Buckeye Beauty Baby Blanket (baby ALMOST due!)
        • Nines 'n' Dashes - not sure if it will be a baby blanket or table topper - same size!
      • Weekday PIECE
        • LE - Jamestown Landing - String  blocks 
        • Piecing
          • Slippers - make lining, re-sandwich and quilt (lines)
          • Mondo bag - make lining, then sandwich and quilt (grid)
          • Irish Double Chain quilt - next step (FINISH)
      • BOM -
        • Mystery - Tell it to the Stars (I have a LOT to catch up on!) - block 6 (print out new block, etc.)
      • SEWING
        • Sew all 3 blouses
        • Next Friday - pin and cut out skirts/slacks.  Sew up.
      • SEW ALONG (with Wendy or others)
        • Half Yard Challenge

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