Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday - looking back at Monday - (Today is 10-21-14)

Guess who will be BABYSITTING Junior!!!!
Esp. when Junior will be walking!  I'd best get in training NOW!

Monday was a "preview" of events to become!  Apparently Lynn had been experiencing some back labor discomfort since Saturday morning (starting at 346 AM) - and by Monday - same time - 346 - pain had intensified.  So after a call to the dr., they were on the road to the hospital.

I got the call about 830 AM - and went over to feed their critters for them.  Sherri met me over there - and together we decided that there was NO WAY we were going to wait happily at home - so off we went to the hospital.

Fortunately Sherri was driving - because I would have ended up at the wrong hospital.  Nathan and Lynn had told me about one hospital they were thinking of pre-registering at - but didn't bother to tell me that they had changed their minds and were going to a different hospital (mostly because of the number of infant and mother deaths at the first hospital!!!! none of which I knew about!!!!).  And of course, they said that they HAD told me - but - regardless, it turned out ok - because as I said, Sherri was driving!

Since this was a first baby, I knew I would probably have a long wait, I took a pile of books, plus a reading book, and a hexie project - figuring that I would have ample time to at least work on everything.  To say that my powers of concentration were zilch was putting it mildly!  I DID complete some things, with one unfortunately being some more hexies on my flower garden quilt.  (Of course, now I have to take them OFF the flower discs - because I don't LIKE them!!!)

I tried to read The Cambrian Ocean - but, even though the writing is highly readable (which is a rarity, I assure you!), I haven't the slightest clue what I read - just that it was something about The Cambrian Explosion - but I don't know what!

I did enter some vocabulary items in my Russian notebook (I'm WAY behind) - then discovered that those vocabulary items were ALREADY in there - and I STILL didn't know them!

I stared at my math book - then picked up the reading book.  I figured that since this was one of my favorites and has been read MANY MANY times before ("Ring of Fire" by Anne McCaffrey) that if I had no idea WHAT I read - I could always fill in the gaps from all those times before - and so that is what I did!

Sherri stayed with her James Patterson mystery - and has loaned me her copy.  I tried reading it - but the words just wouldn't stay in front of my eyes.

Nathan popped in and out of the waiting room - in part to give us updated progress notes, in part because he hadn't eaten since early the night before and was starving - but mostly because he was having a very very hard time dealing with Lynn being in pain - to the point that he said that he couldn't put her through this again - and that it would be adoption all the way from here on out.  Which, considering the number of children world wide in need of good, loving homes makes good sense - at least to me.  However, that is what he says NOW.  Once that baby is born - I am also thinking that BOTH of them will change their minds and want more kids.  But that adoption will also be a part of their family plans - at least somewhere along the line.

Before Sherri and I left to go to the hospital, I had also called Wendy and my sister Karen (who also thought it would be truly fine for the baby to be born on HER birthday - which is the 22nd - and which is now a distinct possibility!!!!  I suggested that a day between the two birthdays could be a wonderful bonding experience and a birthday celebration just for the two of them when she would come to visit!!!!  I think she liked that idea!!!)

At any rate - Nathan and Lynn are back home - still expecting and Lynn is STILL having some backlabor - but nothing like before.  I'm thinking that esp. since DUE date was last Saturday, and we have now had our false alarm - that the baby will decide to settle down and get serious for real now  - ANYTIME!

Because yesterday re house and study was basically a washout - I'm pretending it is Monday all over again and starting Monday's schedule ALL over again!!!

  • Post office
  • 3 meals a day
  • 3 snacks (part of each meal) - and mention
HOUSE - springtime decluttering - and freecycling
  • PAPERWORK - a mountain of it! work on at least a half hour a day
    • M
    • T
    • 1 hour - Sorting
    • 1 hour - Things to Do file
  • ZONE 4 
    • ZONE
      • Zone 4: Mission #1 Monday - Your mission for today is to set your timer for 15 minutes and gather up somethings that just don't belong in your bedroom.  Spend 5 minutes gathering and 10 minutes on a delivery mission to either put things away or toss them in the trash!
      • Zone 4: Mission #2 Tuesday - Today is the day to attack the clothes pile.  Now you all know what I am talking about.  This pile is either on a chair, on top of the hamper, dresser or at the foot of your bed.  Set yourtimer for 15 minutes and grab some hangers or start folding.  While you are doing this do not hang up or fold something that you hate!  This is the time to let it go!
    • BR - 
      • Zone
  • Potato patch - 1 row finished up
  • Make plans for renovating side garden
    • TIMG
      • 73-75
    • Jewish Woman
      • 168-172
    • Song
      • 206, 208
      • 209, 210
    • Work on lapbooks
    • World of Plants (WOP)
      • Coloring Book (college level) (CB)
        • 38 Algal Habitats: Distribution of Major Algal Groups
        • 39 Green Algae (Chlorophyta): General Morphology
      • The Cambrian Ocean
        • Chapter 6 complete
      • 26
      • 27
      • Continue onward
        • Lesson 25
        • Book B
          • -
        • Writing Strands 
          • 6-1
        • Paperwork 
      • EXERCISE - week 5 (increase times and add a routine - date/3 + R)
        • Garden - finish it out except for coles
        • Yoga C (date/3 + 0)
          • 10/21
          B:Sour milk doughnuts, hot tea, baked apples
          L:taco salad
          D:Crock pea soup, salad, whole grain rolls

          • SOUPS 
            • crock pea soup
            • turkey soup and freeze
            • salmon bisque
          • BREAD
            • Banana fritters 
            • homemade granola
            • Cracked wheat (for cereal
            • whole wheat bread
            • Raised muffins
            • Hot rolls
            • Sour cream doughnuts
            • homemade tortillas
            • Pita bread (freeze)
            • kaiser roll trenchers
          • DESSERTS and SALADS
            • taco salad
            • Baked apples
          QUILT  (Depending on what I finish today - I may add other projects!)
          • STASH REPORT (Sunday)
          • DESIGN WALL (Monday)
          • BONNIE H. ARCHIVE NIGHT (Tues)
          • QUILTING  - as many as possible!
            • Buckeye Beauty Baby Blanket (baby ALMOST due!)
          • Weekday PIECE
            • LE - Jamestown Landing - String  blocks 
            • Piecing
              • Sampler blocks - and send
              • Borders for Nines 'n' Dashes - first border is on - not sure how I many I want - 3 or 5!

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