Friday, October 10, 2014

Ta Da for Week 40

Buckeye Beauty baby quilt.
Black kitty is Scrappy.  Lump hiding under the quiltlet is
actually a kitty wondering what the H*** is going on! and that kitty is Chai.
Hope to have the quilt finished this weekend.

PAPERWORK - yup!  Still there!  Mostly have just been working on the daily onslaught of mail!  REALLY need to settle down and work on the major sorting!

Tried to update to present (and beyond) my study projects (Blackboard Report).  Also tried to update purchases and to keep as cheap (!!??? Yeah, right!) as possible.  Still need to add update pix of projects and decide what to do with old pix re archives.

Making a list and checking it twice (three, no - make that four, five... um... a dozen times!)  At any rate I have plans for making some purchases in the long term storage area.  There would have been canning going on IF my garden had done a lot of much.  It didn't!  so it is buy-it-in time!  STILL have to work on the Pantry page (Preserving Kettle).  I think I would rather quilt!

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