Saturday, June 13, 2015

BUSY week!

BUSY week!!!!

First of all, I finished a T.R (Halloween) - and posted about that!

Then I caught up on a swap of HSTs with my dd Wendy!  And even sent that! (should arrive - Monday? or Tuesday?)

Last night was Open Sew at the LQS - and I FINALLY got the binding attached to the Log Cabin Quilt - and know that this coming week I will be spending quite a bit of time hand sewing that!  Am sooooooooooo glad to getting that done - that quilt is HEAVY! and I love it!!!!!!

Also last night at the OS class, I did block one for the On Point BOM quilt class!  No pix yet - but they will be there - plus I will be posting pix on a separate page as well!  (which means - it will be time for me to take down one of the other BOM - as soon as I quilt it and put THAT on the BTDT page!)

And all of this while team babysitting for Evan and Lilly! (for only part of the day - 1 PM on to 5 or 530)  Love those babies! and am definitely getting my baby fix in!!!!  LOL

As for the garden - well, let's just say that the ground is quite fertile - and LAST year's potatoes came up in the middle of the tomato/pepper patch and are doing WONDERFULLY!  Much better, in fact, than those planted in the potato patch!  And the weeds are doing wonderfully as well!  Definitely I need to get my bunions outside tomorrow for a short time and get that weeded!

As for the house..... ummmmmmmmmmm - yes - there is a house and I do believe there is such a thing as housework!  Need more be said?

Today I'm finishing up the last of the eons old swap blocks, then will be working on the On Point BOM some more!  And THAT will finish up the FAB 4 (or 5 or 6 or 7) list!

So - I will be posting the NEW FAB 4 list as well! (which will include hand sewing the binding on the Log Cabin!)

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