Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stash Report for Week 26 - 06-28-15

06-28-15 - Week 26 - Urgh!  STILL no quilt finishes this week!  Of course,I DID keep being distracted - and started 3 other NEW projects!  But only because I truly do NOT like pressing - at least not until I'm actually doing it!  AND I did get into my scrap basket AND scrap box (well, one of them anyway!) and DID re-purpose, toss, use up at least a half basket's work of scraps!  NEW ones (including some I had barely started before this week) include Virginia Bound (with gold, browns and red strips and a spice of green), a pineapple thingy, and a courthouse steps thingy!)  Now that I've gotten THOSE started, I can take a deep breath and get back to the stuff I was supposed to do anyway!

Used This Week: 0 yards
Used This month: 1.750 yards
Used Year to Date: 4.25 yards 

Added This Week: 0 yard
Added This Month:2.33 yards in June
Added Year to Date: 4.33 yard

Net Used for 2015: +1.92 yards

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