Sunday, June 07, 2015

Stash Report - Week 23 - 06-07-15 OR 4 FQ, 1 yard WOW and a discussion about buying a quilt shop

I needed some WOW (white on white fabric) and some Aqua - at least that was my "rational lie" that I told myself - so I went to the LQS.  While there (First thing out of my mouth) I expressed my sadness that the shop would close its doors by this time next year.  Inquiring further, I discussed the particulars of the quilt shop (I have several thoughts in mind and definitely would want to invest in it - if at all possible) and definitely do not consider it unreachable - particularly for the very going concern that I know this to be.  So - I'm thinking about it - strongly!

As for the WOW, etc. - I bought 1 yard WOW, and 4 FQ aqua (out of aqua, definitely out of WOW - (white on white fabric)!) and am pleased!  It was HARD to not buy out all my favorite fabrics!  But I managed!

06-07-15 - Week 23
Used This Week: 0 yards /Used This month: 0 yards/Used Year to Date: 02.50 yards
Added This Week: 2 yard/Added This Month:2 yards in June/Added Year to Date: 4 yard
Net Used for 2015: +0.50 yards


Anonymous said...

It's sad to hear the quilt shop is closing. But I'm very interested in hearing about your thoughts on buying a quilt shop and what happens with that. :)

Dar said...

I'm curious. What is WOW fabric?