Monday, June 08, 2015

Halloween Table Runner is DONE! And so is the Passover T. R.!

I don't remember whether or not I ever posted a picture of the completed Passover Table Runner or not!  I completed this sometime in either February or March.

Passover Table Runner - You can't really see it but there is a leafy vine that I FMQ'd in the center of the gray with black and red flowers that journeys up to the other end of the T.R.  For a first attempt at FMQ - I didn't do too badly!  (And no, we WON'T discuss the mess that was SUPPOSED to be a many petalled flower that I removed over a period of several weeks!)

This is a closer view of the same T.R. - but you STILL can't see the pattern - just that there is SOMETHING that was done SOMEHOW SOME WAY on the fabric - good, bad, or indifferent!  (BTW - this was completed and bound either the last of February or sometime in March - I can't remember!)

The Halloween T.R. - just finished the binding this AM!  A lot more FMQ - but you can't see it, even if I did use black thread!  It shows up more on the back, but when I took pix of the back, all I got was a lot of pumpkin glare!  There are cobwebs (NO spiders, TG!), a cat with an arched back, a witch flying in front of a moon, a ghost, a bat as well - and you can't see them in the photo.  FTM - because the fabric in places is so dark, you can't really see them in real life either, although you can FEEL them - even if I did use black thread!  (I may go back and re-quilt the design - either with black again or more probably with a glow in the dark thread!)  Considering my non-expertise though, that may not be an altogether bad thing!  I did have a lot of fun working on this one though!

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