Thursday, July 10, 2014

And I'm looking at another Thursday..... 07-10-14

Isn't this the most awful looking cartoony you've seen yet?????

Focus today - on the garden - and getting this place CLEAN!  UGH!

And in the evening - a "finish 'er up" session on the table runner quilt - at least for the major part of the quilting - to the accompaniment of the Memory audio book! and maybe a Netflix movie!

Well - that didn't happen!  At least not completely!  Spent time running around and working in the garden - and chatting with the lady who is the painter!

A major change-around of the menu...........
B:homemade apple granola
L:creamed eggs on ww toast  (use up leftovers day!) OR Eggs Farci - curry sauce or tomato sauce, either way
D:lentil stew, ww bread,
S:grapes, grain pudding

  • closed Call DMV
  • DONE 3 meals a day
  • DONE 3 snacks (part of each meal) - and mention
HOUSE - springtime decluttering - and freecycling
  • PAPERWORK - a mountain of it! work on at least a half hour a day
    • DONE 1 hour - Things to do - paper sorting
    • worked on it 1 hour - Bills
  • worked on it - NOT done! Transplanted some broccoli - eve.  We'll  see! Weed garden
    STUDIES - (NOTE - will work on week's assignments - Mon AM to update from weekend frenzy)
    • EXERCISE - week 5 (increase times and add a routine - date/3 + R)
      • DONE Garden
        • LIFE SKILLS
          • DONE Paperwork 
          • Family Financial Workbook
            • DONE Review Chapter 1
        • SOUPS (serving kept out for Monday - freeze the rest)
          • DONE lentil stew
        • MAIN DISHES
          • DONE lentil stew

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