Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wednesday - already??? 07-09-14

This is me!  WHY do I love this feeling/emotion/picture so much??!!!
Anyway, today - laundry day!
This must be one of those days I woke up feeling like superwoman!!!!  Did laundry (oops - forgot to move it into the dryer!), picked up and put away, made some more bread in time for lunch, made the Italian Veggie stew (Oh my!  Is that good!  Definitely a do again!!!  Ate 4 LARGE helpings!!!!) wento the library, the post office, McDonald's (well, I could have gone ALL day without saying THAT one!) and put some gas in my car!

Then came home and have been a good girl the rest of the PM - sorting out papers!  It was only when I realized that I was carefully moving stuff from ONE pile to ANOTHER - and then BACK again that I called a halt to that!  Also to the audio book - which is interesting but after listening to several discs - I'm STILL not sure whether it is my cup of tea or not!  Would have liked a nap - but with all the iced tea in me, my eyes kept springing open and my brain would start telling me all the stuff I could do - all over again!  Think I'll slow down on the tea tonight though!

STILL haven't done any of my studies - but at least I'm getting some other stuff done!  Oh - and I also decided to start another quilt once I finish up quilting this table runner plus another one! (or several)  I've already chosen it - Buckeye Beauty - and the pictures of it are gorgeous!  Scrappy but with only one fabric for background - which I may do that way - or not, depending on what I have!

B:breakfast out (sweet tea, burritos - McD's)
L:Italian veggie stew (use pot - nOT crockpot which is too slow!)
D:Grilled salmon, kale, baked potato (all on sale!!!!)
S: GRAPES!!!!!

  • DONE Post office
  • DONE Library
  • AARGH - forgot again! Call DMV
  • DONE 3 meals a day
  • DONE 3 snacks (part of each meal) - and mention
HOUSE - springtime decluttering - and freecycling
  • PAPERWORK - a mountain of it! work on at least a half hour a day
    • DONE W
    • DONE 1 hour - Things to do - did 2.5 hours worth before my brain turned to jello!
    STUDIES - (NOTE - will work on week's assignments - Mon AM to update from weekend frenzy)
    • EXERCISE - week 5 (increase times and add a routine - date/3 + R)
      • Yoga C (date/3 + 0)
        • DONE 07/09
        • LIFE SKILLS
          • DONE Paperwork 
          • Family Financial Workbook
            • DONE Review Chapter 1 (sort papers some more!!!)
        • SOUPS (serving kept out for Monday - freeze the rest)
          • DONE Italian Veggie Stew
        • BREAD
          • DONE Whole Wheat
        • MAIN DISHES
          • DONE 
            Salmon, baked potato, kale, grapes
        • DESSERTS and SALADS
          • DONE grapes
        QUILT  (Depending on what I finish today - I may add other projects!)
        • Weekday PIECE
          • DONE LE - Jamestown Landing - String  blocks 

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