Monday, July 28, 2014

Design Wall for Week 30 - 07-28-14

Oh lordy!  I'm entirely too close to the top 10 on Stashbuster's Queen of the UFOs list!!!!  (I'm number 20 - and that was as of the 18th and I KNOW that I've moved up (down?) in the world - espec since Ellen just posted the NEW Queen of the UFO list - just not how FAR I've moved on up!

That being said...............

EVERYTHING comes to a screeching halt!!!!!  And what are the quickest (from where they are currently) and fastest items I have?????  Worst part is that I CANNOT find my Thanksgiving table runner on there!!!  (Needs 2 table runners anyway!  and other isn't even started being quilted!!!) So that means THAT comes to a screeching halt (at least until I have binding DONE DONE DONE on the next one!)

Mondo Bag is one - only needs lining and attaching that...  oh yeah, the quilting - hmmm - no!  not yet! and the strap put on....  that's on the board for the NEXT time!!!!  Same for Nines and Dashes!!!  NY table topper - I'm still not sure how I want to do that one - so it's on hold!

Yellow Brick Road it is!!!  Straight grid pattern on the interior - and I truly would like a twisted ribbon in the border with a bow in each of the corners!  Of course, life couldn't be easy - I have to ADD the borders!  (I think 2 - inner one off white and 1.5 " strip and outer one I think I have the green already cut!  not sure!  IF NOT - then 3.5 inch strip - preferably pastel green!  Although a 2.5 inch strip would do!

And all to be done - miraculously by Thurs eve?  OK - after I pick myself up off the floor - I had best get busy!

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