Monday, July 14, 2014

Design Wall for Week 28 - 07-14-14

And a RE-PLAY of last week's Design Wall.

HINT here - I didn't do a lot of much on this! HOWEVER - Wendy and I are going to start our swaps again - I have 50 3.5 UF 4 patches to do - of specific fabrics!

AND we are also doing a Quilt-or Piece-along!!!!  Buckeye Beauty - and boy is it!  No pix yet - mine is going to be scrappy, for sure!

And then there are the ones below.....

Arizona Skies!  aka Tequila Buzz
These 2 mischief makers actually fought over whose quilt it is!
And they're BOTH wrong!  It's MINE!

Irish Double Chain - another UFO from a class several years ago!
Significant progress done LAST week.
Hopefully I'll have moved on to the next step THIS week!
Toes in the Sand
Yup!  NOT a new picture!
But then, honestly - I'm way behind!  Hope to catch up this week!
This is my Leader-Ender for now - Jamestown Landing by Bonnie Hunter!
168 of these doo-dads need doing!  And I'm only halfway there!
That's the "DONE" ones in the back!
And 3 table runners to be quilted!
Halloween table runner/hanging.  Planning on witches hats and cobwebs!
Scrappy kitty already claims it!

Snow people - this is to be FMQ - with whirly swirly winds blowing.
Hoping to get this done BEFORE that time of year (it is now July!!!!)

Passover table runner - partially done before -
taken apart and hopefully will become the new and improved version!

Thanksgiving table runner.
I've been working on this off and on (mostly off) this week!

This is the one I've been working on - the Thanksgiving quilt.
Obviously I screwed up and used WHITE thread (on a dark green background!!!! -
I am NOT taking it all out!)  I took a picture of the back to show quilting detail better!