Sunday, July 06, 2014

Ta Da for Week 26 - 07-05-14

Arizona skies! aka Tequila Buzz! Am interviewing different ways I want to do this!
Would have been happier, however, if I hadn't messed up several times!

Irish Double Chain by Eleanor Burns.  I really would like to get this one done SOON!

JAmestown Landing - I added to the pile of "done" blocks - but still have a bunch  more to go!

I got this one put onto the batting and a quilt sandwich made!

Have been working on quilting this Thanksgiving table runner.  I pieced the backing then sandwiched it.  It sure would have helped a lot if I had remembered that I had WHITE thread in the BOBBIN as well as the top!  Geesh!  Anyway - you can see below the quilting pattern I'm doing!  Had changed my mind halfway through!

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