Saturday, July 26, 2014

What if the ATM didn't work.......

If there was NO electricity for an extended period of time, as did happen twice not that long ago - NO electric to pump gas, definitely NO ATM working and those shops that were open wanted cash only - how would I handle it?..........

Obviously as regards any cash - it would have to be what I have on hand.  Which wouldn't be a lot, for sure!  Especially since I'm known for traveling miles with only 25 c to my name!  :o/

  1. So - with regard to bills - those I need to get paid off ASAP!!!  (which will make the folks I owe very happy!)
  2. As for my car - I need to keep my car up to date re maintenance and to think ahead!  It would probably also not hurt if I got a Chilton's manual for my car and learned some very basic maintenance myself.  Heck - it might even save me money!
  3. Re gasoline - well, first of all I need to consolidate trips, plan my driving around, limit that to one day a week.  I also need to remember to fill up at the end of the day instead of wait for the next morning (when I'm running late anyway!)
  4. Re food - I need to have my 24-72 hour kit updated, refill my 90 day short term supply and rebuild my long term supply again.  I have some things but definitely am lacking!
  5. Re other out of pocket expenses - hmmm - maybe keep a week's "allowance" on me - which is a max of $20 and almost always is the 25 cents instead!  
  6. Don't use credit cards
  7. Don't use Debit cards
  8. Switch over to cash only.  Bills can go by check (and the post office).  All else can be paid with the green stuff!
  9. Try to raise/can/put away everything that I am able to, 
  10. Think homestead - because with all the veggies and fruit stuff I have growing - that's essentially what I have anyway!
I don't like being dependent on others, nor do I like being dependent on working systems which can - and frequently do go down!  That being said - I did enjoy my caramel mocha the other day entirely too much!  

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