Monday, December 23, 2013

Design Wall for Monday, Week 51 -

This is Step 2 of Celtic Solstice - which I did complete last week!
THIS week I have 4 patches (which I may have completed - and which only need pressing and proofing!)
and to finish up step 3 - all pieces of which have been cut and 100 HSTs have been sewn together!

I still want to get this cute fabric set up - probably as a table runner with something in the border going around it!

ALSO have some other Christmas fabrics - which I would seriously like to work on (Pfefferneuse?  or Peppermint twist - which I DO want to do - just haven't completed 2 oldies yet!)

Re oldies - I've re-joined the UFO challenge on Stashbusters - and found that while LAST year  I listed all I had - and had 64 UFOs and even though I finished up several quilts - I have a GAIN or another 14 quilts!  :(

NOT listed are the Christmas table runner begun today - nor the Holy Toledo Quilt.  So I may work on those and see if I can get them finished! IF I get done with the above stuff!


I can get a couple of oldies and goodies worked on  and READY to be finished in the new year - which is very possible!  Hmmm!  Have to think on this Monday while I finish up the Step 3!

REGARDLESS - I will have next Wednesday and Thursday to quilt -  with my dd!  which is great!  Not all day (she is also a writer and has some stuff to do there - as I do as well!

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