Saturday, December 14, 2013

On the needles - knitting (with a bit of sewing thrown in!)


I was contemplating working on the Brass and Steam kerchief yesterday and had asked Judy some questions - which helped a LOT!  Unfortunately after encountering the increase 1 stitch to the right (M1R) - and getting my yarn twisted all around, I decided to put this one on hold until I can knit better and go do something that I am ABLE to do!

Sooooooooooo - to that end Sarah's easy Beginner Cowl may be right up my alley - at least for the moment and enough so that I can actually get something DONE without having to take it apart every other stitch!!!! (Of course that can happen with this one too, but that's a whole other story!)  I am still strongly interested in finishing the B&S Kerchief and will, but think I need to build up some success first!

That being said I was busy a good part of yesterday - fighting crowds at Barnes and Noble to get some Angel Tree gifts for a little one.  Walmart had books which were quite nice, but not quite what I was looking for when it came to an 8 yo girl!  So to Barnes and Noble I went - and thoroughly enjoyed myself!  I WAS good, however and didn't buy any books for me - which seriously was a major struggle, as my family can testify! (I'm a book-a-holic from the word go!)

By the time I got home, fixed my lunch, packed my bags it was time to head Open Sew - which I did! Open Sew projects included working on Celtic Solstice, buying fabric (UH OH!!!!!) for an additional border! and my knitting project (which I didn't touch since no one there knits!)  So - I worked on Step 2 of the Celtic Solstice!

Pictures will be added later!

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