Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Get ' Er Done - or the Fab 4 - or 5 (as the case may be!) list

On the left hand sidebar I have a list - I call the Get 'Er Done or Fab 4 (or 5) list.  Judy L. got me started on this - and it's ALL her fault!  :P

Seriously - I was puttering along - about like usual - getting a lot of not much done - and she came up with this list.  I put the list up - and did not a lot of much - until maybe October when I suddenly woke up - and figured out WHY!

It was like eating a roast!  I was trying to scarf down the whole thing at once - instead of taking small slices and eating one bite at a time!  And like someone who has taken too many bites at once - it was about to do me in!

OK - so - what to do about it?  Discard the list?  Nyet!  The list is a really GOOD thing - it is a FOCUS ON ME list - and this ADHD mama here likes and desperately needs that!  So - maybe it is the items I'm posting?  Hmmm.  Maybe!

And maybe it is also the humongous amount I'm posting for each thing?  I admit - I really want it ALL done - YESTERDAY!  Only that ain't likely to happen!  Nor even for it to happen today!  But maybe - just maybe - I can focus on one little tiny chunk of whatever today!

Only - that's not enough to keep me going!  Not unless... gasp!  What about if I DETAIL my FAB 5 list?  And check it weekly?  Just list ONE thing at a time!  One LITTLE thing I know I can do - even in my sleep!

Of course - I REALLY find it hard to limit it all to 4 - which is why the list has expanded at times to 5 or even 6 - mostly because I also find it hard to make a choice in the matter!

And I can work on ANY one or more than one I want to!

Of course there are those items that get shuffled off to Buffalo - and, honestly, those items - either their time (according to one fellow Stashbuster) is just not yet!  OR (according to another person) the item is something in which I have lost interest - OR it is something that I truly do not want to do - in which case, either FIND someone else who DOES want it and GIFT that person with the item - OR abandon the original pattern and do something else with it! OR figure out what parts you DO like and get back to those and re-purpose the blocks!  with the rest becoming either new items for backing or some such!

In other words, it ain't writ in GOLD, girl!  Change it around so it WILL work.  Your TIME is set in stone - figure it out and get busy, girl!  Time's a-wastin'!

Currently  on my list.....

1. Celtic Solstice, Step 5
2. Baby Quilt #1 - quilt (walking foot)
3. Back to Square One - re-do Step 4
4. Samplers - Mail first block

That's MY FAB 4 or Get 'Er DONE list - what's yours????

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Anonymous said...

That seems very possible to do! How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. =)