Friday, December 20, 2013

It's Friday! Knitting yarns and tails!

 Not a lot of much has been done (except for Celtic Solstice! - only a week behind now!)

I did want to post what I am working on (VERRRRRRRY slowly!) as regards knitting!  I WAS working on the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief - and on my own could actually get the 3rd row completed!  All 6 stitches worth (it takes only 2 stitches - knit - per row on the first three!)  It was the 4th row that was my FIRST downfall!

Judy L. was kind enough to explain how to do the next row - and then I THOUGHT I could figure out the rest on my own.  I probably could - but after struggling through the 8th row - I decided that it was definitely beyond where I was at the moment!  So I decided to UFO it for a while - at least until I felt better about my abilities (or non-abilities at least as regards coordination and knitting!)

Looking around for another knitting project - I found EASY knitted cowl!

The word EASY is what drew me!  And I think I have enough yarn!  Probably enough to do 6 or 7 easy cowls if that's what I want to do!  I DO have to get a different pair of needles though, drat it! which means either a visit to the yarn shop, or a visit to an online yarn shop - either way, I start drooling when I hit the store/site!!!!  Still I will be good!  Honest! (NO yarn, NO other patterns, NO classes which almost always get me in trouble! ONLY the knitting needles!)

So - no pix yet - BUT a referral to the pattern I think I will do (EASY still draws me at this point!  So does BEGINNER!)

Please visit Judy's blog for more about What's on the Needles!

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Penny said...

We all start at the beginning and add skills as we muddle along. At least that is how I feel. You still gained experience on your frogged project. That is not all bad. Good luck on your cowls....and staying strong to only purchase the knitting needles.