Saturday, December 07, 2013

Oops! Get it Done report!!!! (aka the Fab 4.... uh, 6!) for November

I've gotten several things done.....

Chanukkah tablecloth and napkins are DONE!  

Thanksgiving table runner flimsy is DONE! Unused - but done (we had Thanksgiving dinner elsewhere!)

Improv placemats - while not done - are being worked on - I'm on the second one - and am VERY SLOW!!!!

Back to Square One - also very slow - mostly because I keep having to use the seam ripper! - am on step 7 (FINALLY!) - no picture yet!

Christmas swap will go out Tuesday - will post done when I have it in the mail!

On my list now - Improv placemats (finish 2nd placemat; that poor baby quilt #1 to be quilted, Thanksgiving table runner to be quilted (also walking foot), Back to Square One (step 7), Samplers - Mail the blocks!, and Holy Toledo quilt - sew blocks into rows!

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