Sunday, December 22, 2013

Stash Report for Week 51 - 12-22-13

12-22-13 -Week 51 - 

As much sewing as I did this week, one would think I would have a ton of stuff to report!  Nyet!  I worked on Celtic Solstice almost exclusively - and STILL am a week behind!  The Added is for the 8 FQ I got through the mail from my secret sis and forgot to declare LAST week!  AM getting worried though - I WAS #32 on the Stashbuster UFO challenge - and KNOW I am much closer to the unenviable #1 position than that!  So I HAVE to do some finishing up of things!  Who knows - maybe I will get the CS mystery all caught up this week!

Used This Week:0 yard
Used This Month: 0 yard for December
Used Year to Date: 26.138

Added This Week: 2.0 yards
Added This Month: 3.625 yards for December
Added Year to Date: 44.548 yards   

Net Used for 2013: -18.410 yards in the hole!  

Aargh!  I'm going the WRONG WAY!!!!!


Dee Dee said...

Sewing little bits of fabric together seems to take me a lot longer than I think it will. Enjoy working on Bonnie's mystery. Merry Christmas.

Kate said...

I agree with DeeDee, sewing all those little parts takes some time, except for the 4-patches, those move pretty fast.