Sunday, December 15, 2013

Stash Report for Week 50 - 12-15-13

12-15-13 -Week 50 -   I were a baaaaaaaaaaaaad girl!   and I haven't improved any!  I went to the fabric shop - ostensibly to get some really neat fabric for my secret sis!  Immediately picked up 3 FQ and asked questions about them - but no, they wouldn't work for my secret sis.  I tried to put them back - truly I did!  But they just wouldn't go!  So I let them be, figuring that I would put them back before I left the store!  Then I got the goodies for my secret sis that I had figured on - and fell in love with those too!!!!  But I resisted, I did!  It is just that when it came to the final figuring for the $$$ - I truly could NOT put the 3 FQ back - as though I HAD to have something I was buying just for me!  soooooooooo.....
ALSO added this week - 1 FQ + 5/8 yard for a 3.5 inch border to finish up that QOV (now to find someone to QUILT it!)(the ones purchased for Secret sis I'm not counting - something in, same thing out THAT day!)

Used This Week:0 yard
Used This Month: 0 yard for December
Used Year to Date: 26.138

Added This Week: 1.625 yards
Added This Month: 1.625 yards for December
Added Year to Date: 42.548 yards   

Net Used for 2013: -16.827 = (-14.785  yards) + (-1.625 yards) = -16.410 yards in the hole!

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Dee Dee said...

Sometimes those fat quarters just don't cooperate. Hard to buy something for someone else and not yourself.