Monday, December 16, 2013

LAST week! - a week of unfinishes and oops!

The oops came from having to sew, unsew, re-sew, re-unsew (because I made the SAME mistake all over again!!!!! TWICE!)

AARGH!  It was also a week of running around and standing in lines.... LONG lines! and then discovering that apparently I can't read - so more running around and standing in long lines again (like I enjoy long lines????)

Anyway - that's done! AND I picked up more kitty food today (I forgot about this last week when I was standing in the long lines!) - so hopefully I'm set!  Hopefully!

Library stuff is up to date - so far! at least until the end of the week! and I have my current supply of audio tapes ready to go.  which all things considered will probably run out tonight!

Today - I'm working on all the stuff I didn't get done last week!  Even if I did have Open Sew!

first on the list is the poor house!  Is it neglected?  Let's say that if the dust mice get any larger, I will put ears on them and call them rabbits!  At least the dishwasher is working - knock on wood!  So is my washing machine, even if I will be enjoying wrinkled shirts (TG for sweatshirts to go over the top!)

QOV and Celtic Solstice part 2 are on the schedule - as is the house - and paying my bills (already done! ugh!).  I will probably visit the post office tomorrow mid day. Maybe! Or not!

Tonight is a slice and dice night!  Possibly reds - although I may be focusing on a different color - a stashbuster co-member is calling the colors!  Got a lot sliced and diced last week in the reds (although not all!)

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