Sunday, December 01, 2013


Widget.... well, he WAS here!  Honest!

Widget - last summer - and definitely before his recent "diet"
- definitely NOT a skinny kitty!

Widget is for the most part doing fine.  Yes, he is diabetic and takes insulin - which I would say is NOT a big deal - however.....

He started at 3 cc insulin twice daily.  Went back to the vet's the following Monday where he was monitored - and they determined that he actually needed 4 cc twice daily.  He did well on that.  By that Monday - he had lost a LOT of weight (no between meal snacks! and I DID increase his food slightly - from 1.4 cup twice daily to 1/3 cup twice daily - 8 and 8 schedule).

He did great with the 4 cc - and so I wasn't expecting difficulties when I took him back the following week - but they increased his insulin to 5 cc twice daily.

Uh uh!!!  He staggered out of the carrier, drank water like it was going out of style and got sick again and again!  Because the vet was closed for the day and I wasn't sure what all they had fed him - if they had - I gave him the suggested amount of insulin (5 cc) and his usual food - although he wouldn't touch dry food and had to eat the softer kind.

He was sick all night long and all the next morning.  I called the vet!  and asked exactly WHAT they had fed him - and that it had made him sick!  They had fed him the same thing I feed him - exactly.  BUT as nearly as I can gather the technician who gave him the insulin increase did NOT observe him well.  I told them about that in spades - about his staggering and being sick - and trying to drink the reservoir dry!

Yup - he was probably not that far away from going into insulin shock!  TG he hadn't since I'm not sure what I would have done!  People yes - I know insulin shock and diabetic coma with people - and how to tell the difference - but not with kitties!

So - automatic decrease in his insulin - by half!  And to call the vet's office in a couple of days.

At this point he is still recieving less than than their last recommended dosage - BUT he is doing fine - eats, sleeps, drinks some water (although he is looking paranoid about that if I walk into the room!!!!).  He is ALSO not overjoyed with my giving him the shots - but then he gets his food separate and while he is scarfing that down, I give him a shot of insulin.  Insulin and his hypodermic are kept in the refrig so they won't spoil - and although I don't have to change the hypodermic needle every time (because only one kitty is getting the shots), it is changed frequently!  Still - Widget is periodically giving me the fish eye when he sees me walk into the room with his meds!  Understandably!  Poor guy!

All in all I think he IS better - much more so than he has been for a long time!  LOL he even tries to play now and then - which is great!  And his heart condition has NOT worsened so that is also good news!

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