Monday, December 16, 2013

Design Wall for Week 50 - 12-16-13 - aka as Oops week!

LAST week - finished were:

 Santa blocks

 Wreath blocks
Both of these were for swaps!

Worked on - Celtic Solstice, step 2.  
Worked on, and worked on, and worked on!  
MOST - not all are done!!!!  Sooooooooooooo 

For THIS week:

Finish Celtic Solstice Step 2 (probably today!)

Work on Celtic Solstice Step 3 (today and/or tomorrow)

Do SOMETHING card tableish for these - table toppers - 
maybe as borders around a medallion type print!

Cute flannel type fabric - could ALMOST be a table runner -
although more of a row-by-row than a medallion - this and the above - probably Wednesday!

Scrap Basket Blues - QOV -
Needs another border - am adding TODAY!
Two inches too short otherwise!
THEN will need quilting!

Back to Square One.
In this case - Am back to Step 4  - will be probably re-cutting the pieces!
Urgh!!!! Tues or Wed!

Bow-da-cious - my Leader Ender project -
Wendy and I have been swapping blocks!
And since I lost count... - I'm starting to put these together into block units!
Hurricane Sandy quilt -
will definitely be quilting on this one - Tuesday evening

Yellow Brick Road -
this I''m hopeful of trying a FMQ foot quilting - ummm - probably Thurs or Fri eve.

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