Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flimsy finish and updates!

As I said earlier in my post - Friday was a near washout!  Today, however I got some things done.....

The drunkard's path block is complete and squared up to 12.5 inches.  (sorry - forgot to take a picture!)

Also I DID get that one border on the QOV - looks good!

And, of course, Widget cat is the lump under the quilt!  (Widget thinks he's a kitten again - and goes racing from one end of the house to the other!!!!)

And - it's a Flimsy!!!  Changes the entire look of the table runner!  I have some Laurel Birch that will go on as backing - just not yet!

Gotta go - Widget just jumped on my lap, trying to climb to my shoulder and reminding me that he is HUNGRY and would I please get off my duff and go feed him!  I will - in 25 minutes!

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