Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wow! See what I did this week!


I've really hesitated (STRONGLY) about showing what all I did this past week - at least as far as the quilting was concerned!

First of all - I didn't touch my Celtic Solstice quilt until today - and may hold on this until next week!  So far it is still at this stage....

What I DID do - was work on the Baby Quilt #1 - and was sooooooooooo pleased with my progress - until I flipped it over!  Which is when I saw little pinches of fabric that had scooted in there!  Grrrr!  Yeah - I know - the Seam ripper is my friend - but honestly I didn't WANT to have to use the seam ripper at this time!  And yes - I DID smooth everything out first - and DID work in the center first!  Problem was I kept running directly into my safety pins - which I had to move - and, of course, that's when everything scooted!  Oh joy!

Pinch #1 - and honestly, I COULD have taken a more blurry picture!

Pinch #2 - and if it had a been me that was pinched like this - It would have HURT!
Pinch Number 3 - drat it anyway!

I would like to say that I finished this - and I may yet - today!  I would also like to say that I got all the rest of the little projects all ready.  Uh huh!  Like.... NOT!

I DID get the little go with bag ready to go with all the various projects for Open Sew.  Problem was - I got there - and....  I hadn't packed my seam ripper, scissors, slicer, screwdriver, regular needle shank (I still had the walking foot on!),or any of a dozen other things!  I WAS fortunate though, THIS time I did remember to pack my machine cord and pedal!  AND I packed the machine!  Also packed rulers - which I couldn't use (no slicer, no scissors!)  I think it is time I figure out WHERE I put that little kit and just pack it up and KEEP it in my go-with rolling cart!

Cinnamon Sticks - needed the scissors!
Needed regular foot and needle!  And thread!

Bow-da-cious!  Doing connector blocks (folded corners) -
sure didn't happen Fri night! no scissors!

QOV - needs that outside border.  Slicer left home!  Drat it!
So - this meant that the Cinnamon Sticks placemat, additional border for the QOV didn't happen. I was able to do 2 blocks that I have been scared of since I got the Underground Railroad Pattern to begin with - namely, the Wagon wheel (mine is lumpy - but that happened anyway to a lot of wagon wheels - which were wood - and lopsided - and which broke at inopportune times!) and the Drunkard's Path (strangely enough the circles were almost completely round - should have sewn those on before the Wagon wheel!)
"Wheels" to be quartered for Drunkards path!
Actually am pleased with how these turned out!
Wagon wheel - can we say off center and LUMPY????

Borders around the Underground Railroad note.

Still, there are hours left in the day - so I think I will work on finishing out the Drunkard's Path into a block, finish up the Cinnamon Sticks and I think maybe that final border on the QOV!  THEN if I can - I will sandwich some of the table runners I have floating around so that I can quilt them this week!

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