Friday, January 17, 2014

For this weekend - the SECOND Stashbuster retreat this month..........

To Machine Quilt..........

Halloween hanging!
Trying to figure out how to walking foot something spooky!

Cinnamon Sticks
 - sure looks different from last week BEFORE I added the white!

Nines and dashes
Definitely walking foot - BUT I think I WILL add that dark purple border - IF I can find the fabric!
I think I want something like a swirly  wind - OR snowflakes in the center
- then a zigzag grid like outside edges!
Bow-da-cious - pink connector blocks.
 I have other colors to do as well.

Celtic solstice - hopefully to finish all blocks and sew them into a flimsy!

Underground RR - all blocks are done!
Now to do the Flying Geese sashings and square in a square cornerstones!

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