Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Refuse to Drift Today...... Oh no - another WAIWO????

Drifting seems to have become somewhat my  specialty - lay out plans for the week - then go every which direction to KEEP from accomplishing them!

At any rate having had a somewhat un-boring day today (doctor's visit I had forgotten about - never mind that we rescheduled yesterday for today!), visiting the vampires, and getting a phone call from my doc about an appointment with another doc that I never made (oops!), some news I didn't expect :( and basically playing the rest of the day on Criminal Justice (uh - did I say that????) I find that I not only did not accomplish a thing on my week's list - BUT I didn't win the case in CJ either!

In other words - I drifted!  I let outside forces determine my actions and when I DID have the chance to do something I theoretically (that's the word, alright!) wanted to do, I refused - and took a nap instead!  (OK - the nap WAS good - and needed!)

So - what's to do about it?  Continue to drift?  Return to the WAIWO daily accounting of what I need to do and go from there?  Ugh!  Not sure!  And I want to find a happy medium.  Not necessarily a medium anyone else would agree with - but one with which I feel fair-to-middlin' content!

List 4 on a daily basis?  Uh - yeah, right!  That's how my WAIWO list evolved!

List everything on a sheet of paper.... uhm - stop right there!  I LOVE paper and I especially love listing things on paper!  I could list everything for the next YEAR on paper - and when I looked up, I'd be surprised it wasn't all done!  So - that's out!

List 4 still seems my best option.  Essentially - so bear with me folks!

This is my TOMORROW list....

Yes - it's cold here!
Do the WHB (Weekly Home Blessing - or clean the joint up!  Remove those dust elephants!) for 1 hour.  (It ain't clean - but I can sure breathe better!)

Pick 4 areas to work on today.  (and my choice is???......  Religion, Russian, Math, Life Skills - as in the Paper Monster!)
Work on those 4 areas for 4 hours MAX - then stop!

Make regular bread
Make Challah
Make Coffeecake for Sat. breakfast
(IOW - Use that bread machine!)
Lemon Pudding Cake can be made in a Crockpot - do it!
Invest in a turkey breast or chicken - whichever is cheaper by the pound - that's for dinner and veggies include green beans (frozen), cauliflower (dehydrated), tomatoes and zucchini (dehydrated - both of them).
Celtic Solstice - I want to put the borders on today!
get runners ready to quilt
Celtic solstice - get those borders on!  Finish that Flimsy!

In case you can't guess, I can't count!  AND have delusions of grandeur to boot!  SO far the list is the FAB 10????  And I'm setting up posts for the weekend too!

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