Thursday, January 09, 2014

Open Sew projects!

For one reason and another - I am not doing any quilting at Open Sew this week.  Instead - I will be doing some piecing.........

On my list of possibilities.........

Bow-da-cious - I'm doing the connector blocks now - Leader Ender style -
BUT I have 6-8 different color groups and need to coordinate the connectors to the 4 patches!

Cinnamon Sticks - ALMOST done - not quite!
Needs maybe 1/2 hour to an hour to do and then the final quilting
(no idea there - probably SITD - beyond that I'm lost!

Underground RR (I am looking still for the rest of the pix which I can't seem to locate!)
Have only 2 blocks to finish.  THEN sashing.
Would be nice to finish QUICKLY esp. since then I could be eligible for a chance to win free quilting - and guess which quilt I want quilted!

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