Friday, January 31, 2014

I've done it once again!!! Drat the luck!

Actually it isn't luck - but skill - and apparently this is one skill I REALLY need to work on!

Problem - piecing - ok - not great - but ok - as long as you don't check on all the chopped points!
BUT when I go to put on the borders - they are soooooooooooooo bloomin' friendly that they will stand right up and wave "Hi there!"

What to do? Definitely the borders have to come off.  And definitely the measurements are QUITE a bit different between the edges and the center - and FTM each edge!  And, No - I don't want to average the 3 measurements!  I just want to "get it right!" or at least reasonably within the ballpark.  Right now one is in Fenway park getting up to bat - and the other end is playing football with the Dallas cowboys!  Ugh!

Of course, this brings up the interesting question - do I REALLY have to take all these blocks apart again, re-measure, re-trim, and then re-sew - and pray one heck of a lot?  And why do I feel that the answer is "Yes!  Silly girl!"

so - considering that I try REALLY hard to measure when I slice and dice, try REALLY hard when I stitch to keep that 1/4" there (knowing that this does not ALWAYS happen!), what else can I do?  Suggestions?

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