Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New String blocks

Down to just one big box of fabrics to be gone through!  YAY!!!!
Plastic bags are full of scraps of a specific color (ie, one all green scrap bag, one all pink, etc.)

Because I'm cleaning up - picking up, putting away fabric and otherwise aiming to make neat an awful mess when in reality I'm probably making a WORSE mess....  I spent the better part of Sunday and Monday sorting stuff out - particularly the 2 BIG boxes (sewing machine size and bigger!) of scraps.

Using Bonnnie Hunter's Scrap Saver System, I sliced and diced my way through, setting aside anything that looked like a crumb or a string, until I had relative decent piles of 4 1/2", 3 1/2", even some 3" which can metamorphasis into 2-1 1/2 inch strings by sewing up BOTH sides and slicing down the middle!, as well as 2 1/2", 2", 1 1/2 inch strips -
Strips have for the most part been pressed and put away in big plastic bins and drawers according to size - but you can see a couple of short strips here  (one that is 2" and one that is 2.5" that will get cut down eventually into the appropriate sized squares) 

Crumb bin with the tiny red diamonds next to my 1.5" squares.
I store my squares in clear bins in my sewing room -
these are just my sorting "temporary" bins
and when the strips were too short, dice them into squares - 4.5", 3.5", 3.0", 2.5", 2.0" and 1.5"

String block - I think this one is 3.5" and was made for a specific pattern.
It would have helped A LOT if I had labeled the bag these were in with the name of the project!!!!
This string block was stitched to the foundation paper which keeps it from stretching -
and which at present is still on the back of the block.  Block has not been trimmed yet but
that's the next step!  Right after I figure out what project this one goes to!
String blocks for Jamestown Landing - 4.5" blocks of lights!

String blocks for Charlotte's Baskets - 5.5" blocks - I'm doing pastels.
All pinks have been made.  The next one to do will probably be blues -
I have more of them anyway!
then blocks with any "leavin's" going into the string
Crumb blocks - END of the line!  From here it goes into a bin (Nestle Quik can)
and dumped when it gets full into a bin at the quilt shop.
From there it all goes to a lady who makes doggie beds for a shelter!
or crumb pile (end of food chain!).

Yesterday I decided that rather than try to pick through for various colors, etc. or sort out - only to have them tangle up all over again, that I would sew the strings onto the pre-prepared foundation blocks (telephone paper I cut to size!) for the next 2 LONG projects I want to work on.

Foundations blocks were 4 1/2 inches (Jamestown landing by Bonnie Hunter)
and 5 1/2 inches (Charlotte's Baskets also by Bonnie Hunter except that I modified the color arrangement a bit mostly to go with what I had! and went with pastels - all pink, all blue, all green, all yellow, all purple with one left over which will probably be a combination - or maybe it will be something all different - no idea what at this point! - should make the baskets POP!)


MichelleY said...

I hear ya about "It would have helped A LOT if I had labeled the bag these were in with the name of the project!!!! "

When I reorganized my sewing area, I came across pieces of fabric from various projects and I ended up scratching my head wondering what they were for and asking myself "What was I working on again?"

Wendy said...

Lovely colors in your string block. I recognize a few of them!