Sunday, January 05, 2014

Stash report for WB 01-05-13 - Week 1

Celtic Solstice!  So far!
Obviously I need to finish some blocks - and then put 'er together!

01-05-14 -Week 1 - I had REALLY hoped to have a big finiish this week - at least as far as a flimsy!  Barring that I had hoped to ALSO have another finish this week (and Sunday ain't over YET! LOL) from a baby quilt!  However I think THAT yardage will shop up on NEXT week's Stash Report - along with some others I am NOW in the mood for finishing!

Used This Week:0 yard
Used This Month: 0 yard for January
Year to Date: 0 yards

Added This Week: 0 yards
Added This Month: 0 yards for January
Added Year to Date: 0   

Net Used for 2014: 0 yards 

Re my Stash Report page - it is being WIERD!!!!!  won't save - won't publish! Aargh!

Note here:  Saw a REALLY cool idea that DeeDee put on her stash report..... may try it and see how this goes.....

In 2014: UFO completed: 0/QOV completed: 0/Charity quilt completed:0  Hopefully this will encourage me to GET SOMETHING FINISHED!!!!


Kate said...

Nothing in is a good report for the first one. Your Celtic Solstice is looking good. I'm hoping to get enough blocks put together today to be able to show how the repeating pattern is going to look with my fabric choices.

Dee Dee said...

Your numbers for next week will be great when you finish your two quilts. I like that the colors for your Celtic Solstice quilt are different from most of the ones I have seen.

Dar said...

Your CS mystery looks good. You are a bit farther on putting your blocks together than I, but I'm working on 3 projects at once! You will have good numbers to report next week, I'm sure.