Friday, January 31, 2014

Somewhere in the World Begins a Retreat Today....

BECAUSE I haven't done diddly squat this past week - other than straightening the sewing room (VITAL!), slicing and dicing the leftover blocks, fabrics, strings (VITAL), and sewing up both strings and then crumb blocks (NOT VITAL at THIS point!), I decided to declare this my retreat weekend (along with any other retreat weekends around!).

Celtic Solstice - needs borders - and it's time is TODAY!!!!
For today I want to focus on my Celtic Solstice and get that flimsy DONE DONE DONE! (but NOT quilted!)  I also would like to get my table runner backings ready to go (some piecing required!) and batting and backing put on the blocks so they are ready to quilt tomorrow!

STILL haven't decided on what I want to do - probably SID and echo that in the larger squares.
Sure would like SOMETHING that would remind me of cinnamon sticks -
although that would be more than a bit obvious, ya think?

Halloween comes early this year - LOL!
Would still like to do Witches Hats - (I'm biting the bullet with FMQ!)
and may do that on the border although with FMQ (I definitely need the practice!)
while the center would use the walking foot with some Stitch in the Ditch around the white part -
or maybe just X it!  Not sure yet!

Center I want to do snow whirlies (FMQ) and on the border I think something like snowflakes all around
(probably FMQ as well tho probably can do with Walking Foot)
Mind you - this is with all the other stuff I want to get done today!

Anyway - THIS weekend or at least Saturday I am focusing on these runners.
Sunday is get it together day for this quiltlet.
IF I have time (doubtful) I will X through each of the squares.
It just seems to beg for it!  Although I COULD change my mind!  LOL  (I seem to do that a lot these days!)

Along with this - on Sunday I would like to get the Nines and Dashes quilt done.  I think I am going with the touch of yellow (the lemon - not the golden) and the rose fabric.  Binding will be the darker purple.  I tried the darker for borders and it is just too dark for me.

The Improv placemats - I did NOT like the way I had them - so am re-doing the applique - and think it will be cute, cute, cute!  Hopefully!  Will work on these tonight (AFTER I finish Celtic Solstice and getting table runners ready!  Otherwise - it is evening in front of Netflix work!)

And as per usual (and hopefully to be FINISHED soon!) my Leader Ender project is from Bow-Da-cious by Bonnie Hunter

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