Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Archive night on Bonnie Hunter's site!!! The First one!

Today I listened to Bonnie's Cam for 03-15-13 - WAY back when!!!!  And tried sewing some of the things Bonnie was working on! The reason for not tonight is - tonight is LIVE quilt cam - and hopefully I'll be able to join up!

Yes - I know this means I'll end up with a lot of odds and ends - but hey - I'll also end up with the truly vital pieces I need for some awesome quilts too!  Already I'm in love with the lozenges Bonnie sewed into a quilt!  And - having said no - I'm now saying "Yes! Yes! Yes!" to the lozenges!  Such a cute way to showcase the 3.5 inch fabrics!

BTW - this one I've heard (and quilted to several times!)(03-15-13, that is!)  One of my favorites!

Was a sheer delight of a day - Morning and very early afternoon - VISITING Evan, Lilly, Sean, and son Nathan (I still can't babysit - I can't trust my knee/leg AT ALL!).  Home for a short (VERY short!) nap, a trip to the paint store in neighboring CT, dropping that off, home and quilt-cam archive - and read until I fell asleep (approximately 3 1/2 minutes! LOL)  So - I got to see family, nap, drive and change of scenery, sew, read!  A very nice change of pace!  (I HAD planned on cleaning and studies - but what the hey!  Into every life a little fun must fall!)

Oh - and re pix for the last quite a few days - uhmmm - I'm having some probs uploading pix onto my blog.  Hopefully that will change as the day wears on.  Hopefully!

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