Sunday, August 09, 2015

Thoughts on Day One of 8 Minutes in the Morning....

I know goals are important - BUT every exercise/diet program I've ever joined in focuses on what do I want my body to look like - do I want sculpted lines, etc. blah blah blah!

Ugh!  I just want my body to not droop where it used to be perky, not sag where it used to be essentially almost flat, not have knees that resemble yo-yo's in regard to staying in place, not have pain in my legs, lower back.  Sigh!  And worst part, I can't even say I want my body to be 20 years old again!  Especially since my legs have hurt like this since I was a little girl.  (My mom used to call them "growing pains".  Sorry, but I HOPE I've stopped growing years ago!)  The droopiness - well, that could be an aging sign - more probably it is a sign of muscle tissue that has just decided that droopiness is "where it's at!" and, yes, I CAN correct for SOME of it - but considering the lines in the face - a body with perky attributes - and a face that resembles a map of New York City - it's jarring, I tell you!  Truly jarring!

One of my goals is to be able to run upstairs without sounding like a steam engine.  I live on the first floor.  Plus WHY would I want to run upstairs?  Is there any reason on this Earth or off of it to do so?  Has a new law been passed that now requires citizens to sprint lightly up a flight or two of stairs, all while breathing normally?  Hah!

Losing some of the sag in my stomach means I can see my feet.  And, yes, this can be a good thing!  At least now I can see if indeed my socks and/or shoes are a matching color.  Gone are the days when I would wear tennis shoes from 2 different sets.  TG!  but now that I can see my feet - I can also see where my feet walk.  That means I can also see the floor - and therein lies the problem.  Now I can see the cat fuzz that escaped the vacuum cleaner and the crumbs from the graham cracker ice cream sandwich I sneaked for lunch. Of course, I can still at the same time see where the chocolate ice cream (from the ice cream sandwich) dripped onto my tummy roll.  Of them all - maybe seeing the chocolate ice cream drip is the most important - especially if I need to go somewhere.  The apartment I can always close the door.

Still and all, I do want to - and will continue to exercise.
Dehydration is another topic for Day 1, Week 1.  As a rule this doesn't bother me too much because I drink anywhere from 64 - 96 ounces water daily.  I used to drink more - but got myself into deep kimchee when my potassium level dropped way down as a result.  Now I try to keep it between the 64 and 96 ounces.

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