Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 4 - Make It Real!

This morning I'm trying to do a Visualization Exercise!  Not of the body I have - but of the body I want to have!  What do I see?

First of all - I'm not all slumped over - but stand tall!  My clothes are back to the size 14s I wore when I went to college - and that includes the bottom half of me! (I won't mention what size the bottom half of me is at present!  The top is a size 16 - Women's - and I want it a size 16 REGULAR! To say I'm currently pear shaped - oh yeah!  I'm there!)

While I visualize myself - I can make that "me" run around - jump, dance, and all those nice coordinated lighter weight things I would like to do (notice - I said COORDINATED!).

I can see the "tone" of my arms and legs - so nice to not have arms with a big flabby thing hanging down instead of muscle!  I don't really want sculpted muscles - just TONE with a capitol - and no gelatin jelly dance! Yup!  That's what I want!

Today's exercises are for the hamstrings and quadriceps!  which should be interesting - especially since my quads don't want to cooperate terribly well!  Well - no time like the present to "encourage" cooperation - think "Tone" with a capitol T!
The Dietary part discussed healthy oils - ie, most specifically olive oil - which actually is the ONLY oil I use - and actually the only kind I CAN use without side effects developing along the way!  For some reason my body refuses to recognize butter, marg, any other oil as real food and rejects it!  Olive oil, however, is something I CAN use and, fortunately, I like it - a lot!

As to the KIND of olive oil - I personally do better when it is either virgin olive oil or even plain olive oil.  I burn the daylights out of the extra virgin olive oil - EVERY TIME I try to use it!  I do like the taste however!

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