Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 2 of the Repeated Week 1

Is it my imagination or are the exercises HARDER the second time around?  Same exercise, done the same way, fortunately NOT one involving legs and feet - just involves arms and weights, curl ups.  Yet the curl ups just about got me!

I had a HORRIBLE dream last night - however, it may spur me on to actually getting a lot more exercise done and losing weight.  I dreamed that I had to go to a nursing home.  I used to work in a nursing home - as did my sister and each of my kids.  I dreamed that I could no longer walk and was all crippled up with pain (sciatica and my cats packed tightly around me probably didn't help!).  At any rate, when I woke up, I vowed right then and there that no matter what, I'm LOSING this weight (so I don't have so much weight heavy on my joints) and exercising and that I WILL walk normally without a problem.  Sometimes I get stubborn like that!  Right now I'm doing the 8 minutes in the Morning, but somewhere along the line I would like to do MORE!  More cardio, more yoga as well - and I think that will help a lot!  Right now, though, I am seriously RESENTING not only my physical challenges, but also resenting the time that exercise takes.  And it is probably true that I will NOT compete in a 5 K race - at least not at this time.  My knees would have to be permanently stable for that to occur - and, considering I was in my 30's when my knees first went out, that's not terribly likely!  Still though - HIKING which I dearly love, is a possibility - and maybe that's where I should aim!  For right now, however, being able to do the exercises is where I'm at!

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