Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 1 - Day 6 - Oops! - 08-22-15

SOMEHow I thought I had already done the log for the 6th day.  No!  I hadn't (obviously!)  - so I'm doing it now!

Yesterday I had physical therapy on my legs - which does NOT mean massage - but DOES mean new exercises! (Except these weren't - but were some I have done in the past - but which I will - and AM including daily in the future = at least until the PT says I don't need to anymore - which is NOT likely!)

Anyway - on to Jorge Cruise's book..........

He asks how would it be if I could find an extra 3 to 4 hours each week!  LOL - let me count the ways I could use that time.  (Could being the operative word here - in reality,I would probably take a nap!)  He asks how I could use that time to accelerate my success.  (Ummmmmmmmm - why do I feel this may involve my sleep?)  Then he asks how much sooner I could achieve my goal!

He then goes on to describe and discuss the "LOSER ZONE" - which is NOT a good thing and involves doing things that do NOT significantly improve our lives.  Yeah!  I can understand that!  And have quite a few of those - starting with computer time (as evidenced by when my computer has to be re-formatted and I delay on that!!!!  AMAZING what I can get done!)

He describes TV.  I don't do TV - and prefer not to!  I DO however watch videos - usually learning things, like Origins, Blue planet, etc. and sometimes videos like Road to Avonlea or The American President, etc.  Nothing horrifying or too scary - because then I dream of the movie - no thank you to that!!!

Back to Loser Zone activity - how many hours per day do I spend.  Uh oh!  I'm in TROUBBBBLE!!!!  If the number is greater than 6 to 8 hours per day, he suggests that we could find some time better spent on creating our best body ever (or on doing something to improve ourselves, or the world we live in - whatever!).

Told you I was in trouble!  Both from the computer AND from reading!  And not saying just how many hours I spend - just that it's a bunch - especially since I messed up my knee and can't babysit (picking up Evan can be a danger for him if I fall on him!)

OK - to turn things around a bit.... SOME of my time online and SOME of my reading time is quite beneficial.  So to divide things up.....

  • ONLINE time
    • Time spent just vegging..................too entirely much! not saying how many hours!
    • time spent on group and doing chores/homework - for now - probably 4-6 hours (sort of a blackmail thing - we do chores or homework for a specific period of time then come back to the group and report that and state what next chore/learning thing we will do. Sort of being accountable for that time spent.
  • BOOKS read
    • Fun books - like Andre Norton series - more than I should, I tend to delay HAVE TO chores for this!  I do this every night before I go to sleep - and have been known to either suddenly realize it is midnight and then some - or have been known to fall asleep with book in hand!
    • Study books - LOTS of books - WAY behind on my studies - but I'm getting there - AND I'm learning (I hope!) all the way!  Right now I can spend more time doing this again because I'm not babysitting at present,  This happens when I'm  more fully awake (hopefully!)
    • LOL - this sounds like it could be just a little thing - but I can easily extend my planning time into highly detailed accounts of minute by minute - PARTICULARLY when I DON'T want to do something (procrastination!) or when I start in on the "what if's..." kind of thing where something I wish would happen (associated with and may contribute to negative emotions!  I try to NOT do this!)
OK - how much total time would I have if I excluded ALL of the above (both the good and not so great stuff)?  Oh yeah!  I would have a tremendous amount of time!  BUT how much time would I have if I excluded only a portion of the vegging time or fun book time or limited myself to ONLY a specific amount of time for planning?  Yup - I would definitely have anywhere from 1.5 to 7 hours a DAY or 10.5 to 35 hours a WEEK!  Yup - more than enough time to do whatever.  

So I guess the key here has to do with WANTING - How much time do I actually want to spend ONLINE - ummm - not that much.  And I can feel the ugly excuses already starting in - I'm so weak (NOT!), I don't have time (NOT - that's what this is about!) and on and on!  Maybe limit veggie time ONLINE from half hour to an hour a day (NOT counting my blog - YET!) - which is email and FB.  That's it!  With FB that means games and puzzles!

How much time do I want to spend READING - the FUN books?  Umm - This one I probably am going to keep as is - BUT will limit the fun stuff to ONLY before bed!  During the day - no!

PLANNING time - ok - I've already re-set my goal time to weekly - and think I will keep it that way!  The setting to a daily list so far is NOT working.  I need to figure out WHY - then discard that idea or keep it and keep it up!  Menues - ummm - those are fine - unless I suddenly realize I overspent and need to change everything!  My menues are still balanced et al - but may be a bit more wierd than usual!  However - planning per se - per studies, per week activities - OK - per planning life out - ummm - fine to choose goals to strive for - but NOT FINE if I'm using that to avoid doing something else!  (And I'm quite good at that!)  Maybe to limit that time to an hour a week and no more than 30 minutes per day.

so - hopefully I've located Exercise time here - and lots of time to do other things - like volunteering, etc.
EXERCISE for Friday was Inner-thigh leg raise and Outer Thigh Doggie.  The Inner thigh Leg raise is a variation of the exercises I did with the stretch bands (my left leg is markedly weaker than the right - oh thank you sciatica! and knee popping out of joint! I'm so thrilled!)  The doggie one is identical to the other exercise I'm supposed to do from PT!
Um this one I have a BIG problem with!  Jorge suggests eating pizza without cheese!  Yes, I CAN do it - and have done so - BUT I prefer cheese - and unfortunately cheese is a major part of my weekly diet!  I grew up that way!  I gained fat that way! I raised my kids that way (mostly because we had only 1-2 meat meals a week and cheese was the only other protein I knew!) My parents developed high chloresterol that way! So what if after eating a lot of it I feel bloated and sleepy!

OK - I don't know about doing WITHOUT cheese - but I CAN cut down the AMOUNT of cheese I consume!  It will be an effort!  A MAJOR effort!  But I can do it!  I can also make sure I eat more of alternative proteins - ie, beans, eggs, certain grains, ground nuts

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