Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bonnie's "In-Studio Spiff Ups" #7 and 8

Bonnie's #7 () reads - Straighten and Clean Your Ironing Station!!!! 

Ummm - Mine is - um - strange!  I have an over the door thingy that holds all my ironing apparatus, a small tray thingy that holds the rest (tray is pink, fwiw!) - and usually have my ironing board taking up space in my bedroom - where it sits in front of the TV or my bed and serves as an ironing board, a TV tray, an impromptu desk, a sorting station, a laundry folding station.  Handy things - ironing boards!

#8 reads Time to organize and straighten up your books
MOST of my books are pretty well organized!  Mostly because they fit on half shelves - which means the shelf they sit on is only half as wide!  And every time I go ruffling through them in an effort to browse - I end up with a major book cascade!  

While my non-fiction books are categorized by subject, then author and my fiction books are shelved according to author, my quilting books are grouped primarily by quilt groupings - ie, applique, Bonnie Hunter books, Quilt in a Day books, Charms, Landscape, Block patterns, Machine quilting, hand quilting, Sewing.  G-d forbid that I would end up with a book that would involve several categories!!!  And, no - I don't really file by author - except for Bonnie Hunter's and Quilt in a Day.

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Wendy said...

And me! You file me by author, too!