Thursday, August 06, 2015

It's the In-Studio Spiff up night (LATE!) again! 07-29-15 and 08-06-15 - #4, #5 and #6

Two weeks worth of Bonnie's Studio Spiff up (!  Mostly because I didn't publish last week!

#4 Straighten up Sewing Desk or table - where my machine is.  This one is Easy Peasy for me - since other than my current project there really is no room for me to stack anything!  Besides - IF I did stack something on the sewing desk - my cats would promptly knock it off because they view this spot as THEIR spot - and woe betide me if I appropriate that space for anything other than my current sewing project!

#5 The Batting collection!  Straighten it up!

But then too - my batting always seems to run neck and neck with those projects I absolutely have to finish - and what is left over isn't much! and it all fits into a box.  Actually this is the ONLY 15 minute project that is taking me less than 15 minutes to do!  

#6 Straighten and organize the yardage fabric!

This one isn't too bad for me - sorta....  My fabric is already sorted by color and my yardage is separate from my FQ and scraps.  Also most (supposed to be ALL) of my fabric has been wound around my 6.5 inch ruler and then folded in half.  As a result it stacks neatly and for the most part doesn't keel over unless the fabric pile is awfully high!  Still and all, I do need to go through and straighten quickly.  

No pix yet - but I'll take pix tomorrow and post!

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