Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week 1 - Day 7 - 08-22-15

"You  will never find time for anything.  If you want time, you must make it." - Charles Buxton, American Writer - as quoted by Jorge Cruise in his book 8 Minutes in the Morning.

Today is a NO EXERCISE day (except for my PT!).  Woohoo!  Who knew!

He suggests a Power Collage! - some way to capture the feelings of photos of special occasions or situations!  He suggests doing this on a weekly basis! using photos of people who inspire us and putting them on our collage board.

He also suggests getting some fresh air, going for a power walk, and motivating ourselves for the next week!

Additionally he posts an "I did it" from someone who challenged, conquered and continues to conquer.

In the diet section - he discusses the "something sweet"  - not candy (I don't want to discuss candy, there is a big pan of reason for this - but I don't want to discuss it!) - but for frozen grapes!  Oh yum!  (10 of them = about 15 calories and you have to eat 12 grapes to check off the box for fruit on the card!)

Uh oh!  Here it is - WEEK 1 UPDATE!!!!  (I'm in trouble now!)

1. What is my current weight - also write down my original weight (I will on my checklists)
2. How well have I done this week?  Ummm - not that great!  I need to work a LOT more on this to make me proud of my efforts!  However exercise - very good!
3. What could I be doing better, improving?  Portion control.  Substitution for the "hungries" later in the evening. food item control - ummm - this may mean different shopping!  Mostly being resistive - STRONGLY resistive.

My choices re this are:

  • Ignore the diet for another week (with the idea that when I DO decide to do the diet part - I go to week 1 again)
  • Continue to focus on diet and do the best I can - with the idea that it will eventually "fall into place"
  • Focus STRONGLY on diet and literally force myself to adhere
Did I mention that I am also ODD? (Well, odd as well - but oppositional defiant disorder is what I mean!)  Choice 3 may not work for me!  Choice 2 - seeing each new day as a new starting point and ignoring the negatives from the old may be the best bet.  Seeing what I NEED to do and why - and then choosing to adhere or not throughout the day, evaluating - but not blaming at the end of the day.

4.What is my game plan for Week 2? Game plan - plan menues that adhere to diet, snacks that work well with diet and way I develop the "hungries".  No blame.  Continuing to Exercise.  Continuing to mark off exercises as well as to mark off food choices.  Trying.  Not viewing diet as end all. Finding non-food substitutes or causes or reasons or things to do when boredom sets in.

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