Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 8 - Whoops! No! It's Week 1 all over again! With a change!

Yup - you didn't miss anything - and I'm debating whether or not to start Week 1 all over again!  I'm seriously thinking about it!  As for what happened to Week 1 - uhmmm - personal difficulties, definite unhappiness soothed by (this is NOT good!) ice cream and graham crackers and a 2 liter bottle of birch beer (non-alcoholic type).  DEFINITELY not a good time was had by all!

So - on THAT note - I'm starting again! BUT this time - some differences - due to finances - uhm - I won't be doing the 8 Minutes in the Morning DIET - But will be doing a variation of the Spark Diet instead.  Spark Diet does have a pre-printed diet - BUT you can substitute like crazy (I qualify) and if wished, you can plug in all kinds of stuff to find the calories and adjust accordingly.  All in all it is an extremely good diet with super amounts of leeway.  My ONLY argument with it is that the online program takes FOREVER to record the amounts, etc. BUT it does show all the vitamins, minerals, calories, etc. consumed over a day - and makes suggestions for diet improvement, as well as being printable - WITH a grocery list (for the original diet), has a gazillion recipes (taste tested).  It is just the WAIT factor for everything to record!  Ugh!  Strangely enough, however, I don't have complaints against anything that I find in a book or on a printed paper!  Just something where I can change the diet plan!  LOL

I'm keeping the Week 1 responses however - and maybe adding to those!   Below I've re-copied my Week 1 Day 1 responses to the questionnaire.  And yes, I'll be checking in to Spark Coach!

  • I know goals are important - BUT every exercise/diet program I've ever joined in focuses on what do I want my body to look like - do I want sculpted lines, etc. blah blah blah!

  • Ugh!  I just want my body to not droop where it used to be perky, not sag where it used to be essentially almost flat, not have knees that resemble yo-yo's in regard to staying in place, not have pain in my legs, lower back.  Sigh!  And worst part, I can't even say I want my body to be 20 years old again!  Especially since my legs have hurt like this since I was a little girl.  (My mom used to call them "growing pains".  Sorry, but I HOPE I've stopped growing years ago!)  The droopiness - well, that could be an aging sign - more probably it is a sign of muscle tissue that has just decided that droopiness is "where it's at!" and, yes, I CAN correct for SOME of it - but considering the lines in the face - a body with perky attributes - and a face that resembles a map of New York City - it's jarring, I tell you!  Truly jarring!

  • One of my goals is to be able to run upstairs without sounding like a steam engine.  I live on the first floor.  Plus WHY would I want to run upstairs?  Is there any reason on this Earth or off of it to do so?  Has a new law been passed that now requires citizens to sprint lightly up a flight or two of stairs, all while breathing normally?  Hah!

  • Losing some of the sag in my stomach means I can see my feet.  And, yes, this can be a good thing!  At least now I can see if indeed my socks and/or shoes are a matching color.  Gone are the days when I would wear tennis shoes from 2 different sets.  TG!  but now that I can see my feet - I can also see where my feet walk.  That means I can also see the floor - and therein lies the problem.  Now I can see the cat fuzz that escaped the vacuum cleaner and the crumbs from the graham cracker ice cream sandwich I sneaked for lunch. Of course, I can still at the same time see where the chocolate ice cream (from the ice cream sandwich) dripped onto my tummy roll.  Of them all - maybe seeing the chocolate ice cream drip is the most important - especially if I need to go somewhere.  The apartment I can always close the door.

  • Still and all, I do want to - and will continue to exercise.
  • ..............................................
  • Dehydration is another topic for Day 1, Week 1.  As a rule this doesn't bother me too much because I drink anywhere from 64 - 96 ounces water daily.  I used to drink more - but got myself into deep kimchee when my potassium level dropped way down as a result.  Now I try to keep it between the 64 and 96 ounces.
  • .............................................
  • (More may be added later)

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