Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 3 - some thoughts - and Day 4!

I forgot to re-post day 3 - which I did yesterday!  At any rate here's the addy:
At any rate - Day 3 exercises - Lying Kickback (Triceps) and Standing Curl (Biceps) were repeated yesterday!
I have an additional reason for losing weight AND exercising.  As I told you earlier (Was it only Sunday?) I used to work in a nursing home as an aide - 3 tours of duty - one when I was raising Wendy while she was a baby, and the second when she was a teenager (and she also worked there as well).  The 3rd tour for working in a nursing home was when my son was growing up and was about 10 (he also worked there several years later as a volunteer worker) but at that time I worked as a social worker.  A lot of the folks there were crippled by arthritis and other problems and were frequently in pain at least until medicated.  I don't want to be in that situation - neither having the pain and being crippled by arthritis, sciatica, inactivity through the years, nor by living in a nursing home (you can't have cats there - nor can you stroll into the kitchen and make a grilled cheese at 10 PM! Plus a whole bunch of other stuff!  PLUS it would be truly hard to quilt there).  If I ever have to, well, then I'll cross that bridge then.  Otherwise, I definitely plan on living healthy, AND exercising DAILY!  And yes, I have that awful "gotta do it right" feeling - but I suspect that ANY activity will be activity well spent - as long as I don't become plumb foolish about it!
Day 4
All that was yesterday!  Today has a message: "When you always do your best, you take action.  Doing your best is taking action because you love it, not because you're expecting a reward."  Good thought!

Today I'm supposed to See it and make it real!
VISUALIZATION exercise..........
1. NOW - posture is lousy - all slumped over, belly sagging, we won't even discuss hips or butt.  I'm wearing jeans and a tee.
WHAT I WANT TO SEE - body standing erect, gut sucked in, shoulders back, head held high, I'm standing TALL! and it's obvious that I'm breathing much better too!  And I like that feeling!
2. Movement - what I want to see - running - maybe playing soccer!, dancing - maybe even a little ballet, walking - and hiking in the hills, laughter shows on my face and in my attitude.  That's where I want to be!
3. Now - my arms and legs ARE more toned - a little sore - but toned - and I like that!

This is something I need to do daily (Visualization exercises).

Today's exercises - warm up for a minute, Hamstring Leg lift (hamstrings) - sets of 12, Squats (Quadriceps) - sets of 12 again.  4 repeats of sets.

The diet portion of the day - discusses Olive oil - which is something I use!  In fact, it's almost the ONLY oil I do use! and the ONLY one that agrees with my body!  Re the "Light" olive oil - that refers to TASTE - NOT calories - and I like the taste of olive oil so the regular taste is just fine with me!  The only thing I do NOT do with olive oil - I don't like to use it as a spread on biscuits or toast or to taste it directly - my mind just won't let me do that.

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