Monday, January 20, 2014

Design Wall Monday - 01-20-14

I have also listed all or most all of these for last  weekend (the retreat) - which, considering everything I am extending to next Friday - probably!  SHOULD I get most or all of these done by Monday evening - I will post then what was done and then continue working on the rest.  I will add more ONLY if I run out of things to do (hahahahahaaa - picking myself up off the floor now!)

Cinnamon Sticks table runner.
Not sure what kind of quilting pattern I will do -
would like to do something complementing the name
Halloween table runner -
I STILL would like to do witches hat -
but don't think I can do that with the walking foot
Snowpeople skating table runner
would still like to do something either swirly like a snowy wind
OR  something like snowflakes
Nines and dashes -
definetly walking foot and big Xes.  I think it needs another border first - dark purple?
Improv placemats - this one has been done -
I'm hand appliqueing fruit, cups of tea, bon-bons and/or dishes on them
Bow-da-cious - my leader-ender project
although most of the pink connectors that I have are done -
I still have connector blocks to be done in greens, blues, reds, yellows, oranges and purples
Celtic Solstice -
I hope to get the blocks sewn together and then maybe quadrants
Underground Railroad quilt - all blocks are DONE!
Now to work on the Flying geese in the pieced sashing!
With luck, I may be able to work on the square in a square cornerstones as well!

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Rockester said...

Helen these look great! I especially like the Celtic Solstice colors and the Underground Railroad. Have fun! Kathy Aho in MN