Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stash Report for Week 2, Sunday 01-12-14

I invariably start thinking of a Currier and Ives print when I see this scene!
I keep wanting to burst into song - Winter wonderland.
Passersby just want me to shut up and go home!

01-12-14 -Week 2 - I'm beginning to wonder if this year is going to be all hopes and promises and no finishes!!!  I had REALLY hoped to finish that Baby Quilt #1 this week, DURING the week - and then to finish the Celtic Solstice quilt, at least as far as a flimsy!, over the weekend!  Ugh!  So far - that hasn't happened!  I haven't even TOUCHED the Celtic Solstice since last weekend (mostly because I know that once I get started on that I won't want to stop - and I truly do have other quilts I want/need to do!)  I DID work on the Baby Quilt #1 -   but when I turned it over found that the fabric had "pinched in several places - leaving me a VERY unhappy camper!  Esp since that part will have to come out!  Ugh!

Good news though - I took the Underground RR (and some other things) to Open Sew this week - do NOT want to talk about all the stuff I left at home (slicer, seam ripper, my brain, the white thread, needle shank - I had the walking foot on!, half of the one project I was going to work on FIRST! the border I was going to work on SECOND! my brain!) but DID complete the 2 remaining blocks I had to do from Underground Railroad!  Yay!  And they were sooooooooo easy!  Can't imagine why I was scared of them, esp. for so long!

Used This Week:0 yard
Used This Month: 0 yard for January
Year to Date: 0 yards

Added This Week: 0 yards
Added This Month: 0 yards for January
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Net Used for 2014: 0 yards

In 2014: UFO completed: 0
QOV completed: 0
Charity quilt completed:0

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DeeDee said...

Congrats on no fabrics coming in. How frustrating to not have everything you needed at your sew-in. Looking forward to seeing your baby quilt.